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Whether you are a teacher, student, interested consumer or parent, learning about laundry and household cleaning products can be made interesting, easy and fun. Science-in-the-box has developed and collected many edutainment tools, creating an enjoyable atmosphere to help in the learning process. You may use these documents freely, with the request that you reference Science-in-the-box and provide the link to the appropriate web page.

Laundry Multimedia
Science-in-the-box has developed several laundry multimedia tools to help consumers, students, teachers and parents easily understand how laundry products work and how people have used them throughout history.
Science Experiments
Whether in schools or at home, science experiments can be simple, fun and interesting while presenting valuable learning opportunities for children. We have compiled a number of our favourite experiments using everyday products found in the home.
Laundry U
Sometimes a glossary definition is not enough. Science-in-the-box has provided more detailed definitions and information for students, teachers, stakeholders and journalists needing a deeper level of understanding of some of the more important terms behind laundry and household cleaning products. (coming soon)
Document Centre
Whether it is a P&G publication you need, a slide presentation from a P&G scientist or a leaflet, an answer to a common question or a downloadable P&G document, the Document Centre provides a comprehensive library and archive of many sought-after documents.

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Illustrations from P&G's Science-in-the-Box website can be used freely for educational, non-commercial purposes provided that the source will be published as follows: "Obtained from (P&G website)"


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