The products we use to do laundry or clean our homes today are much more sophisticated than those used by our parents and grandparents. What they called "all purpose" products are still on the market, but there is also a large, growing segment of specialty cleaning products. These products are good at "all purpose" jobs, but they really perform in the specific task for which they are designed.
  • Laundry detergents

    With over 30 different laundry detergent products in Western Europe, this section will help choose the one best suited to your task, whether with a washing machine or by hand. Discover the differences between the many products on the market today. Go to the laundry detergent section.

  • Fabric Softeners

    Discover how fabric softeners meet the needs of consumers and how they lead to more sustainable fabric care. See the varieties of products on the European market. Go to the fabric softener section.

  • Dish Detergents

    Washing dishes is a daily task. However, people wash dishes differently in each country and seek different features in their dish detergent products. Go to the dish detergent section.

  • Household Cleaning Products

    Discover the different types of dirt found in every room in the house and the types of products best suited for cleaning household surfaces, including specialized cleaning products, sprays and wipes. Go to the household cleaning product section.

  • Wipes and Dusting Products

    While European homes have different types of surfaces and household floor cleaning habits, one thing remains constant: the consumer demand for versatility, hygiene and cleaning performance. With this in mind, P&G created the Swiffer line. With its specialized structure and the variety of products for different surfaces, “to Swiffer” has become synonymous with impeccable cleaning in minimal time, effort and energy. Go to the wipes and dusting products section.

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