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P&G was founded as a partnership, so it should come as no surprise that the company has put a strong emphasis on developing partnerships. In particular, P&G has forged promising cooperation agreements and coordination activities with other industry actors, civil society organizations, conservation groups and research consortia.

Industry Partnerships
Most industry partnerships are done at the trade association level. P&G has been playing a leading role in programmes set up by AISE, HERA and Cefic.
Civil Society Partnerships
P&G has fostered important relationships and cooperation agreements with local and regional civil society organizations to develop meaningful social and environmental programmes. On a global level, P&G has developed a worldwide programme with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
Conservation Partnerships
P&G has developed a wide range of nature conservation programmes and partnerships across the globe. One of the more remarkable global programmes is P&G’s long-term commitment to supporting wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, particularly in its efforts over the last three decades to save marine wildlife affected by oil spills.
Research Partnerships
As one of the leading global research companies, P&G often enters into research partnerships, whether it involves supporting the work of PhD candidates, working with other companies, universities or industry associations.

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