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Research and Development
For a consumer product company like P&G, we believe that consumers buy products because they work. In other words, first and foremost we must provide products with an outstanding product performance. To keep up with ever changing consumer demands, our brands need constant innovation and P&G have demonstrated this over the past centuries. P&G Research and Innovation ensure their products are environmentally sustainable.

Product Development
P&G Innovation is all about connecting "what's needed" with "what's possible", combining consumer understanding with leading edge technology. Consumer understanding doesn't just happen and P&G research and innovation have invested in understanding consumers' habits and attitudes.

Consumer Research
P&G has conducted intense research not only into the safety and sustainability of its products, but also on how the consumers use them, their needs and their desires. As a global company, P&G researchers need to assess how geographic and cultural variations affect the laundry process.

Personal Hygiene
Cleanliness and personal hygiene have helped increase life expectancy. Find out how laundry detergents, household cleaning products and anti-bacterial products work.

Laundry Perfume
A product’s inherent fragrance influences the consumers’ choice. One-third of consumers sniff products at the shelf before deciding to buy.

The History of Laundry
The laundry process has changed over the last few centuries. See where dirt comes from and how washing, washing machines and P&G have evolved over the last few centuries.

The Head Line


Illustrations from P&G's Science-in-the-Box website can be used freely for educational, non-commercial purposes provided that the source will be published as follows: "Obtained from www.scienceinthebox.com (P&G website)"


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