P&G has been a leader in stakeholder dialogue over the last decades. On top of P&G’s company led social responsibility activities , it has fostered important relationships and cooperation agreements with countless local and regional civil society organizations to develop meaningful social and environmental programmes. On a global level, P&G has developed a worldwide programme with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
In September 2010, P&G and WWF announced a three-year strategic partnership agreement that advances P&G’s sustainability goals, as well as WWF’s conservation mission. This partnership focuses on forestry procurement practices, sustainable palm oil sourcing, use of renewable materials in products and packaging, renewable energy and means to reduce P&G’s carbon footprint and water consumption levels. P&G is also providing support for WWF’s on-the-ground conservation projects around the world.
As the world’s largest consumer products company, P&G recognizes the leadership role it can play in encouraging and modelling sound environmental sustainability practices.

  • Certified, sustainable palm oil

    One of the goals of this environmental sustainability partnership is to encourage sustainable agricultural practices. P&G and WWF are developing a plan to purchase certified palm and palm kernel oil from P&G’s largest supplier. This is in line with P&G’s goal of purchasing 100% sustainable palm oil.
  • Sustainable forestry practices

    P&G’s sustainable forestry policy already requires that the company only source pulp from certified, sustainable operations. P&G is a member of WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network, which uses the market as a force to promote responsible forestry practices. P&G is also supporting Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) smallholder certification efforts in Brazil.

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