P&G’s products are designed to delight consumers, be safe to the environment and human health and be used sustainably. Our product proximity to consumer health and the environment, our use of energy and resources, and our researchers’ involvement with the latest emerging research and technologies in our commitment to sustainable innovation means that we may touch on certain topics of common interest.

At P&G, we are committed to safety at all levels. If a substance, product or process cannot be proven safe to human health, workers or the environment, P&G will apply the precautionary principle. P&G is committed to ensuring sustainability at all stages in its product cycle. We share the concerns of different publics, engage with them in open dialogue and actively express our vision for a safe, sustainable future.

On these pages, P&G puts forward its position on certain topics of common interest. We welcome your feedback.
  • Nanotechnology

    Nanotechnology, science at the nanoscale (one nanometer = one billionth of a meter), is offering potential solutions and applications across a wide variety of fields.
    The benefits may be great, but the risks have to be treated with precaution. As with any emerging technology, P&G would need to be certain that any nanomaterials or nanoparticles they may someday use are considered safe to consumers, employees, animals and the environment.
    Find out more on nanotechnology .

  • The Precautionary Principle

    The Precautionary Principle is an important public policy concept focusing on proactive health, safety and environmental protection.
    P&G applies the precautionary principle to realistic testing procedures and brings into context the potential sustainability benefits from innovations of substances, so long as safety is kept at the core.
    Find out more on the precautionary principle at P&G.

  • Sustainably Sourced Renewable Materials

    P&G’s long-term sustainability vision includes the goal that all products and packaging come from 100% renewable or recycled materials. In order to meet this goal, P&G researchers have been developing very interesting innovations in sustainable sourcing across their product lines, finding new ways to work with recycled and renewable materials to ensure sustainability while maintaining product quality.
    Find out more on Sustainably-Sourced Renewable Materials and P&G’s vision.

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